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    RXT and solas 14/19

    I just won a solas 14/19 for 135 with shipping.
    I have a RXT with
    4" air intake, denso iridium plugs,2" wedge,riva intake grate,nopas,free flow exhaust. I'm running about 66mph at 8100 constant.

    Do you think the 14/19 is too much ?
    What will happen if it's too much, will my rpm's drop to liek 7800 ?
    If my rpm's drop alot and my speed goes up will I hurt the engine driving at that low of rpm's ?

    I figured I'd give it a shot and then see what I need to get for the new riva srx or at least wait until they get the new riva srx pitches sorted out.

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    So you were the one that kept on raising the price on ebay for that damage prop.

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    yup, I hope it isn't too damaged.

    I figure it will give me a good gage to start dialing in my ski.
    I want the srx-r but don't see much posts on it so I'm going to wait.

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    send the prop to IMPROS for some touching up and whatnot.... 60 bucks gets you a stage 1... which is better than a brand new prop out of the box

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