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    Bogs at low end - Carb Question

    Just had a new re-built motor installed and it runs like wildfire at speed. From the hole the throttle must be "pumped" rapidly to keep the ski from bogging. After being "pumped up" it runs great from mid to high end. By "pumping" I mean rapid stroking of the throttle almost as if you were starting a pump air into a spray bottle.

    Carbs were reported "clean" by mechanic but not rebuilt. What's the likely fix and related parts needed to make the hole shot live up to this new motor's strength. Especially important when getting skiers up!

    Thanks in advance.

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    What year and model are we talking about?

    Most likely the carb low speed needles need adjusted if it's a Fuji (blue)

    Or the accelerator pump may be bad if it's a domestic. (red)

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    The domestic would also most likely need the low speed screws turned out with this condition.

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    Wow...sorry, that was a dumb omission.

    1996 SLT 700

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