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    99 xp running on 1

    i have a 99 xp 951 that runs on 2 cyls no problem on the trailer with the garden hose on it.when i put it in the water it only runs on 1.once in a while it revs to 6600 then falls off again.compression 125 ,new plugs twice.any advice please.thanks

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    Well, start with the simple stuff first.

    Pull the plug boots off and trim back just enough of the end of the plug wire to get fresh wire for the boot to stick into. Put a little grease around the wire and screw the boots back on.

    Pull the cover off the electrical box and make sure it does not have any water in it.

    Now, for the more complex stuff.

    Does it still have the gray fuel lines on it?

    When was the last time the carbs were cleaned/rebuilt?

    Has the boat been sitting for a while or have you been running it this summer and now it is messed up?

    How old is the fuel in it?

    There is more, but let us start with this stuff.

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    thanks for sugestion.main fuel line was changed and that filter cleaned but cross over was not.second carb filter was pluged solid.thanks

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    those dreaded grey fuel lines.........

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    its amazing how many different problems those little buggers can cause.

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