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    2007 rxp/rxt 215hp

    I see alot of used almost new low hour rxp/rxt 215hp skis for sale, Im tempted to pick one up but leery on the reliability of motor and blower, I put about 75hours a year and have a older 2stroke yamaha 3seater now and like the way the hull handles but it uses alot of gas and oil , Im looking at the rxp, Im a very good 2stroke mechanic, would it be costly for me to keep the seadoo running and will I be happy with the handling of the hull compared to my yamaha

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    Depends on what Yamaha you have. Handling would probably be better. 4 stroke are more complexed than 2 stoke. I think any 4 stroke would probably have better reliability than a 2 stroke. I have a GP1200 and the RXP kills it. Better in gas to. Just change the washers in the SC.

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