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    Cylinder bore question

    I just bought a 1993 sl 750 with a fuji motor. The motor was completely dissassmbled due to a cracked water jacket and improper winterizing. The water jacket has been repaired and I have reassembled the lower end of the engine and am now working on cyl's and piston's. The cylinders look good with no ridge at the top of the cylinder. I do not have telescoping gages but have checked the top with a caliper and found it to be within limits. I also checked ring gap from the very top of the cylinder to half way down the exhaust port with no more than .002 differance from the top of the cylinder to the bottom. Do I need to bore the cyl.? or crosshatch re-ring and re-piston.

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    Hone it,throw a new set of rings in it and have fun. It's not a race ski,you'd be surprize how well a ski can run with sub par parts.........Ask Towman (the 785 pro that was put together at the event in 12 hours)

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    I'd say hone it and re-ring as well.

    Hone is around $10 ea and rings are about $20 set per cyl.

    For under $100 you'd be good to go.

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