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    Question bracket issues

    as my name states i own a 2000 slh. my question is has anyone had a problem with the bracket on top of the oil pump/magneto. it broke on me last year, had it tig welded back together, and yes broke again. cannot get bracket by itself, must buy oil pump and whatever else. there's a fabrication place in a town about 40 min away and thinking of some way to fix this. any remedy other than getting rid of it? i love my machine and can't afford another one unless they do cash for PWC's

    oh yeah its a 700 twin and the bracket looks nothing like the one in any tech pictures i've seen. i guess i have one of one!?
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    Can you post some photos of this bracket?

    Perhaps it is not needed, if you replace the pump assembly with another good used one.

    I would think you can find a used domestic engine oil pump inexpensively.

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    are we talking about the stator cover that the oil pump bolts too??if so any domestic cover will do.the 99 up domestics use the same cover as the fi stuff with the rib for mounting a stator cooling cover.but seeing as how the slh doesn't use the cooling cover any domestic cover would do

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    There is a bracket that comes off the top of the oil pump which connects and supports the cable end of the oil pump cable this what you are referring to? If so, you can easily get a used but good condition oil pump from a number of people on the forum...just post a WTB in the classified section...or contact some of the salvage parts guys like John Zigler on the forum.

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