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    '94 SLT750 with a rummble at low speed?

    '94 SLT 750 runs great motor starts right up, but now it has a rummble almost like a "wheel is loose" so maybe the bearings on the shaft ? wear ring?
    how does a newby (first year on a jetski) diagnose this issue?


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    The usual approach is to pull the jet pump off, and check the bearings for the impeller.

    You can also start the engine with the pump and drive shaft removed, and listen for the sound.

    To remove the jet pump, take off the four LONG bolts. Detach the steering and other cable ends, and any small hoses along the right side.

    The pump itself can then be removed by first pulling the pump nozzle off, or pulling the entire assembly straight back.

    It is common for the pump sections to be stuck together, so it can take some grunting and wiggling to get it to come free.

    With the pump off, rotate the impeller by hand. It should turn smoothly, with no grinding feel or noises, and no wobble or play in the bearings.

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    thanks K447

    give it a try this weekend.
    Now for parts? if shaft bearing bad look here or?

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