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    why does check engine come on

    does it come on for heat, rmps,oil level or is there signals that say temp and oil, I dont have manuel so im not sure

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    The next time it come on hit the set bottton 5 times and a code will come up. If ther is mor than one code that the computer s puttin gout every thine you hit the mode botton after that it will run the list of codes. After you get the codes (write them down) go here

    This is the list of all the codes that the computer will put out. Good luck

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    thanks for the input the ski ran without the light after it cooled down may have had some debris lodged

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    Mac once the computer throws a code it is still there in the memory. you can still pull it up and see what it was.

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    that's true for most of them. some of them reset when the issue is no longer detected (can't remember which ones)

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    code isnt there anymore

    pushed set 5 times and it said end

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    That is true Thomas, If you got an "EDN" message that mean that your computer is all clear of codes and the problem is or was fixed. You are good to go. Now it is doest it again and when you hit the set botton 5 time if the problem is or was nto fixed it will caused what is know as a hard fault and it will be sotored in the computer. so the end message is all clear.

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