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    '90 GT Yellow engine & white carb help

    "90 GT yellow had dual carbs round 38s. wouldn't hit a lick, plenty of spark and compression so Carbs? removed the duals, the pto carb had a 70 degree bent throttle valve!! ok trying to find replacement friend had a '92 sp white motor w/single super bn38. Used the whit had to change out rotory valve body and manifold with carb. Used yellow pump.
    ok the switch worked it ran for a few minutes then the throttle cable which is too short for the bracket, it came loose! so I shut down to wire tie it and got that secure now it starts but dies immediately? then the batt dies so I'm charging it for another attempt at getting this thing running...

    Note there are two orbs on the starboard bulkhead of the ski that have fuel lines in out around and when there were dual carbs these were connected, but since the single didn't have these on the '92 SP I bypassed them. Should I use them?

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    Comon anybody still work on these ?

    Or if you know sumthin about these any insight ski is in good shape just getting this motor to go...

    The best I can tell from what I'm reading is the orb on the wall is a 4 way pump with a booster next to it. I'll try hooking that back up to the carb before trying to start it.


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