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    WTB -- Double Trailer

    I'm looking for a double trailer. I've added a second SLT to the armada and would like to keep the two of them together. Please contact me if you have a trailer within reasonable distance from zip code 62549.

    I have a very nice Karavan single trailer that I would be willing to trade. There some chips in the paint and surface rust in those locations, but the overall condition is great.



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    I would look on craigs list in your area you might get lucky

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    Dont be afraid to look for a cheepy. I got one cheap and am fixing it up for half the cost of a good used one, let alone new.

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    i have two here in WI, just an hour or so north of you. ( janesville 53545)

    1 - really nice aluminum triton, large, 2500lb excellent shape - 1100.00

    1 - karavan steel, large with 13 inch wheels. could use some cleaning, and paint, structurally it is good, wincheare are good, etc. 500.00

    give me an email, or call the shop, if i can help. zig

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