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    2009 FX SHO Upgrade/modification ladder

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum - first post. I recently bought a 2009 SHO, and I've had it out twice. Overall I think it's wonderful. However, we humans are never satisfied so I've considered making a few upgrades to boost performance in certain areas. I remember the amazing difference an impeller replacement made on my old Ultra 150.

    I'm looking primarily for acceleration and hook up, followed by top end (who isn't, right? haha).

    However, I'm not a mechanic and would need a professional to do the work. So, if I was to make a few upgrades, where would be the best place to start to get the most bang for the buck? Then, where would be the best place to build upon that start to have the upgrades work with the most synergy?

    The water I ride in typically is a mixture of light/medium chop, and some areas of flat/glass depending.

    I hope over time to become more capable of doing things myself. Thank you all very much.
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    A good start would be to read the SHO/FZR mods database sticky above this thread. It'll get you an idea of what does what etc...

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    First step: Become a good friend to a mechanic (mine likes PBR and Captain--I always take some when working on a project). If you find one like mine, he will teach you how to do things that are over your (my) head.

    Also, even though he is a friend, he still is a business owner so I throw some cash his way too.

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    Thank you both for your replies. I have checked out the thread that was mentioned and it is certainly interesting. Looks like people are having a wide range of success with mods/speed numbers.

    I would love to befriend a good mechanice but am not sure how I will do that yet. The closest shop is 40 minutes from me and I know absolutely nobody with another ski right now. Hopefully I'll find that relationship sometime, though.

    This all brings me back to my original question. I see people are doing a lot of different modifications - typically having many all at the same time. But what's the best foundation? Where's the best starting point? I'm very curious to know the absolute best single modification that should be done first. And then of course what can build on that.

    Thank you all for your time and help.

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    SHOskier: In my opinion, the answer to your question lies in your goals and budget--only you can or will know what you want from your ski.

    If your budget is unlimited, your build could include a MoTeC ECU, will take you in a certain direction and with the other "normal" mods, you will be at 80+ MPH. Some have purchased the MoTeC as the first mod which is neat because you can track everything your engine does (it just costs money). Others (like me but I don't have the money for the MoTeC) do mods with the ECU in mind and will be ready for that if winning the lottery.

    If your budget is not unlimited, or your speed goals are less, you will have a different build and will be at low to mid 70's.

    Think of what you want from your ski and then your budget and then ask yourself if you are ready to go to school (by learning here on the Hulk).

    Personally, stock (with a grate) was pretty good to me. But I like going faster.

    It is interesting to me also that people with the same mods I have to their ski's are 2+ MPH faster than me. This is where experience pays off in all the little details (plate set-up, grate and grate sealing, etc...). Not all the little details are listed in a thread and you have to research. Also, all the little details take a lot of time to figure out.

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    You need to open that motor up and let it breathe.

    The top three mods for you money are as follows and all should be done together if possible.

    1. intake manifold upgrade
    2. intake
    3. free flow exhaust

    Then for added hook up and to help reduce the cavitation created by the motor making more power and being able to breath add the following:

    1. intake grate (I run the RIVA)
    2. a steeper prop (depending on where you are at and the weather conditions; maybe start with a 13/22R or maybe a 12/23 skat)

    For even more speed, work on the ride plate. You can get the R&D (RIVA's still has yet to be released) and that will add some speed, and then you can send it to Jim and have him machine it for even more speed.

    Another option is to have your stock ride plate machined to give you more plate angle. (This is what I am looking into doing right now.)

    I'll try and add more up later on (at work right now, lol) and I'm sure you'll have some more questions.

    Where are you located at? There are people on the site that may be willing to help you or maybe even do the mods for you for a little $. Hell, I would do them if I was close to you.

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