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    problem with 95 xp

    Hey guys can anyone help me out with this! Ok so i got this xp and it had a super high idle speed. The thing sitting on a trailer hit rev limiter. Anyways i take the spark arrestor off take me flash light and look at bolth carbs and the butterfly in the carb closest to the fuel tank was bent! I dont mean a lil i mean like curved up so much the thing was hitting the way open full throttle. So i take bolth carbs off and clean them out take the butterfly out of the one streighten it out and put it back together. First hit of the start it starts up and runs perfect. I put it in the water today and i hit the gas let off and it just about dies. Do i need to adjust idle speed on the carb of what? thanks for the help!

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    if you got the butterfly nice and straight, yes you should adjust your idle. mine revs up on the trailer at around 2500 and in the water all the jetskis normal idle should be around 1500 rpms.

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    when you had the carbs off did you open them up and clean the small filters in there???

    Does your machine have "grey" fuel lines? if so replace them before going to the water.

    Make sure your low speeds are set right, check the book for the base setting,,

    what caused the bent butterfly?? a lean back fire ?

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    yes i do have gray lines why should i replace them. And i have no idea what caused it im still no clear on which one is the idle screw can someone help me out. Thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by seadoo718 View Post
    yes i do have gray lines why should i replace them. And i have no idea what caused it im still no clear on which one is the idle screw can someone help me out. Thanks guys
    Yes, you should replace them. It is not hard at all on that machine.

    Ok, the idle screw (keep in mind it has been YEARS since I last messed with a dual carb 717). I think the idle adjuster is on the Mag (front) carb behind the throttle wheel (where the cable connects to the Mag carb, the cable on the PTO carb is to the oil pump). The idle adjuster is a "T" handle screw. There may be two other "T" handle screws (one on each carb) but they will go into the carbs, where as the idle adjuster will be oriented IN-LINE with the throttle cable.

    Since it has a tach you can put it on the hose (if it has a hose adapter installed, remember to block off the cooling line so the water will go into the engine and not right out onto the ground) and set the trailer idle at 3000rpm. This should give you around 1500rpm in the water.

    Once set on the trailer it may need to be dialed in on the water. You will need to do this with the air box off, but you can keep the base plate and screen on. I would not ride it like that so once you have the idle where you want it, put the box back on.

    The real question is, what was in that carb that bent that butterfly? Better yet, where is it now?

    A common issue is for one of the screws on the base plate to back out (or be left loose) and fall into the carb. It would seem that it was somehow caught by the butterfly before it could get into the rotary valve and really get its party on.

    This seems unlikely, though, but stranger things have happened...

    Perhaps a backfire is a more likely scenario. I bet it knocked the air box off too. Must have been interesting...

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    Ya it would be great but the tach dosnt work lol. So should i do it in the water? And i bought this thing for 100 bucks the thing was on fire at one point so i replaced the melted lines got a new electrical box and the first time i turnef it over it shot water out of the cylinders for about 2 min off and on the first crank was like a water fall. It hit the ceeling of my garage. Anyways thanks for the help dude. O and it had to be a back fire or something cuz the screws on the butterfly were in tight as heck!

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    Not the butterfly screws, one of the screws that holds the base plate for the air box on. Those are the culprits.

    I would not ride that critter too far from shore but other than that have fun.

    If you have another boat you can kind of set the idle by pacing it. If not, you will have to do it by feel. It should be fast enough to smooth (ish, 717s are never smooth) and not so fast that docking is suicidal.

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