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Thread: stinger 2 pipe

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    stinger 2 pipe

    Hey guys I was trying to sell a stinger 2 set-up but I am not sure if I have all the parts...Does anyone that has a stinger 2 set-up have a camera laying around and can post a picture of it for me? Does the stinger set-up use the cast iron piece of the stock exhaust pipe to bolt to the stinger and slide into the waterbox or am I missing this part of the set-up...I'd appreciate any help thanks,Mark

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    Lightbulb ???

    Hey there..

    Yes the stinger2 uses the cast bottom section from the stock exhaust pipe..


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    The only difference between the S2 an S3 was water routing. They added the valve to the S3 and had an upgrade kit to make the S2 an S3. The cast outlet that holds the temp sensor was from the OEM stinger and bolted to the S2. I have attached the install instructions I don't have any pics of this.
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    Thank you Bill that helps a lot with a parts list and install instructions

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