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Thread: Smoking MSX 150

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    Smoking MSX 150

    Hi, I live in Australia and I own a Polaris MSX 150 with 30hrs on it. It started smoking SEVERELY and the workshop reckons it is the "knacker seals" and the engine needs to be rebuilt. What is a "knacker seal" The workshop reckons it is some sort of chrome sleeve...
    They checked the turbo as well as oil cooler and they say that is OK
    Can anybody please give me some info or advice?

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    Welcome to the hulk

    Is it smoking out the exhaust, or inside the engine compartment?

    What diagnostics have been done?
    Is the engine down on power?

    Oil level too high?
    Is there oil inside the air intake tract?

    Is either the oil or the coolant contaminated?

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    It smokes out of the exhaust, and by saying smokes, I mean is much worse when idling or at slow speeds and improves at high speed.
    A compression test has been done and apparantly that was OK...
    The jetski only has 30 hours on it, and now the worksop tells me that there is some special coting in the cylinder walls and that is delaminating so now the engine needs a rebuild, or a new longblock.
    We took it out after winter, had it serviced etc. but within 5 minutes on the water it started smoking severely, so we shut it down immediately and took it back to the service agent. They told us $4900.00 australian dollars to there any other more cost effective way to rebuild engine...boring out cylinders and puting in new pistons etc. or do you HAVE to change the block?
    How can a engine pack up like this after 30 hours and it was always serviced annually as well as flushed after use etc.
    Doesn't seem right...


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    Hi Werner,

    If the compression check is OK, I doubt the bore coating has failed. (yes this is a problem with this motor, I have repaired a couple in this state. You can sleeve the blocks or there is a place that will recoat in Melbourne. They are an expensive motor to rebuild.

    Did this smoking start happening straight after the service? If so it may be because of oil overfill.

    It is wise to start this engine up a least once a month during storage IMO


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