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    What were you doing 8 years ago today?

    On 9/11/01 I was sitting in Mr. Avinks fifth grade class. I was at school for maybe 20 minutes when we turned the TV on to the news and watched it for the rest of the day.

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    The same thing that I'm doing right now... working

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    I was taking my first college calculus quiz.... I remember getting on the bus back to my dorm and everyone being on their cell phones crying. When I finally got back to my dorm, I remember looking out the window and you could see the smoke billowing up from the towers.... Crazy shit

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    Working a construction job installing a traffic signal. Stopped to take a break and walk to the gas station for a drink. There was a refrigerator there with a small tv on it. I grabbed my gatorade and looked up at the tv. I saw a plane crash into a building and thought it was a movie. When i turned towards the register i saw everyone in the room was staring at the tv quietly in disbelief. I asked what had happen and thats when i was told. Back up the street we stood around the truck with the radio on listening to the news reports. When the pentagon was hit i tried calling my wife to see if her work had been evacuated but due to the amount of people calling to ask the same thing i couldn't get through. The state highway administration then came by and told us to go home that all roadwork had been suspended until further notice. I sat at home with the family for the rest of the day and watched everything unfold on tv.

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    Sitting at the computer at work. My wife called me at work, then we all got on the net & TV's, and basically no more work got done the rest of the day. What a sad day.

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    I was asleep (night shift), my mother came in to tell me that a plane hit the towers. I was like "no way, its gotta be a small plane, FAA would not direct a plane through downtown area"...Then she came in and said a 2nd plane hit, thats when I got up. When the pentagon hit, we tried to call my sister, she was down the street from there. She was working with the FBI for her job, she didn't come home for 5 weeks...

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    Same as Danny. Sleeping when the first plane hit. Thought it was probably a small prop plane. Saw the second jet hit.

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    I was doing my internship to become a teacher. Someone ran down the hall yelling 'turn on the tv!' and so we did and we saw the towers collapse live on tv.
    I think what I was most amazed at was how desensitized the kids were too it. It wasnt even real to them. It was as if they expected Bruce Willis to come jumping out of a window with a rope tied around his waist and save everyone.
    These were HS juniors.. (16/17yrs old)

    We are less than 1hr from NYC so we were all a little uneasy. We were also more affected than most because many of our colleagues, students, and friends had friends or family members in or around the city that day.

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    School. Our spanish teach heard about it, told us it wasn't important and we didn't need to watch it. Next class had it on, we watched it till they sent us home. Big AFB here and a lot of kids w/Military parents.

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    at motor veichles taking my motorcycle test. heard the whole thing unfold on the radio waiting in line. had to take my test with fighter jets buzzing overhead. after that I went to the office to try to help out the people there. most of the production crew lived in the city and couldn't get home because they closed everything down. got home and watched everything over and over on tv with the rest of the family. Later in the day, and the next few days, when the wind would change, you could smell smoke.

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