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    pop off adjustment question

    i am about to pull the carbs off of my 01 gp1200r again to change out the 125 main jets for 120's (my chokes are still intact). i am trying to get rid of a 1/4 - 1/2 throttle rich sputter. it is around 4 - 5 k when it will dissapear and clear up with some more throttle. right now my pop offs are set @ 42 psi, will setting them to 45 psi make that much of a difference to possibly clear up the rich condition or would the pressure have to change more drasticly to make a difference? i have no accel pump, flame arrestors, 110 pilot jet, 1.5 n/s and a 95 g spring. other mods are 13/19 prop, d-plate, milled head for 92+ gas, r&d grate and riva plate. just trying to see if resetting them 4 psi is worth while. thanks again, paul c.

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    In my opinion, no. Your popoff is just a tad high, so lowering it will not fix a "rich sputtering" in the midrange. You sure that's your problem? Why not rejet and tune the T handles first. I bet that fixes the issue.

    And keep in mind that these carbed skis just don't run as clean as the EFI skis. It's the nature of the beast.

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    that is what i am doing today. i have one more main jet to change then it is off to my friends lake to tune the carbs. i wasn't sure if just a few psi would make a difference or not. if some sputtering is normal cruising that is the info i was looking for since the only gpr i have ridden is mine. i am going to try it with the lows out about 3/4 - 7/8. thanks again.

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