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    Help primer issue

    Ok i just installed the primer kit. Now i am not getting fuel to the primer or to the carbs, i tried to pour some gas in the carbs to get it running, but only runs for a few help help please.... I I AM READY TO JUST DUMP THIS SKI, I AM CONVINCED THAT THE CVD CARBS JUST PLAIN SUCK

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    Yeah the primer on my ski doesn't work either and it's only a year old, taken off of my SD and was only used a handful of times on that. It takes a little while of trying to get the fuel lines to prime so you shouldn't worry about it not taking the first couple of tries. What I have found to work the best is Wynns or OMC storage fogging oil. The ski will start off of those two for sure, probably a lot of other brands as well but there are the odd few that won't help start an engine. Just shoot some of that engine fog into the carb(s) for a second or two and start the ski, when it starts to die down give it another shot then let the ski cool down for a few minutes. It should only take a couple of these starts to get the ski to hold it's own for starting after that. If it doesn't, you may need to replace the pulse hose, or if its never been done, clean the carb and put a kit into it. As for the primer, if it's not a new primer it may need to be replaced.

    Oh and how do you have the primer "T"d in? The best method I've used so far is to get some fuel hose to replace the return hose, make it long enough that you can have a big loop closer to the carb and T into the bottom of the loop. This way there is always fuel in a small quantity for the primer to take from. If you have the T tapping into the IN hose you will have a hard time starting the ski and keeping it running as all the air in the primer hose will get drawn back into the IN hose and put air into the fuel before the carb does.

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    Two common issues on primer.

    1. Worn out plunger inside the primer body producing not enough vacuum or suction as you pull out the handle.
    2. Loose hose fitting either at the primer side or at the T-fitting.

    In both cases, you would feel very little resistance as you try to pump.

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