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    slt 750 loss of power

    i just got 2 slt750s one run but with a small flat spot just off idol then it ran great. we was out yesterday when i hit a great wave know it has lost the flat spot but has lost a bunch of power. we are going out on sunday what should i check

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Check your water sperator.

    Check the battery grounds anre clean and tight.

    Check the Fuel lines are not kinked.

    Make sure the battery cover is installed between the battery and elec. box.

    Try removing the spark plug boots and cut the plug wires back about 1/4" and reswcrew the boots back on, then re-zip tie them.

    Check the spark plugs are in good shape and gapped to 28 thousandths.

    Have you done a compressio test?

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    still have a single outlet fuel pump in those? they are blue in color. I'd Check compression first. then leaks.gas.air,water, then gas lines for drips or loose fittings, then maybe the grate is clogged with debris. that could overheat the engine. maybe the carbs are gummed up or got clogged a lil. how long did they sit? maybe the rotted pick up tubes are sucking air in the tank.

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