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    emm help

    Does anybody know if trying another EMM out of another 2001 Genesis. same year, to see if that is your problem , is it going to screw anything up in either machine?
    I have done everything in this forum , my Genisis is in limp mode 3500 rpm. Checked all sensors -temp -Digital gauge, fuse box all conections,some a little corroded--fixed them up,checked all grounds all good,all wires I mean everyone! fuel pressure is right on,the only thing I havent done yet is reset the EMM.

    By the way this forum is great i have learned more about how this thing works in the last 4 days thanks Hey!

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    Do you know why it is in limp mode?
    Any messages on the display?
    Reverse, HOT, Check Engine, etc?

    If you have another EMM on hand, you can certainly swap it into the problem PWC for a test. The key is to only run it enough to determine if the EMM swap fixes the problem.

    Normally the three injectors are mapped to that specific EMM, so swapping another EMM in for the test means the EMM is running with un-matched injectors. This is not a problem for testing, but do not run the engine long or hard.

    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

    How to read Polaris Ficht EMM trouble codes without special software or a computer

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    limp mode

    Nothing on the display reverse light is working properly goes out when in forward .It was running just fine till 2 days into our holidays and it just went down to 3510 rpm. I did what ever I could do on the beach thats when i discovered the fuel regulator in the bottom of the tank. ,came home took it to the dealer ,sat in his shop all of August cost $512.00 said the temp sensor code came up -put 2 sensors in and it still runs at 3510 rpm.He did a fuel check said it is fine which i did myself and all i ok. i have had this machine since new and can fix alot myself but electronic stuff not so much.
    I tried the digital gauge bypass and still runs the same , Oh and soon as went into limp mode it smokes like a bugger even when i picked it up from the dealer he said is't still smoking really bad but it should clear up, well no it didnt. I am running out of options ,and i am reluctant to take back to the dealer at $ and he's scratching his head.
    Thanks for you help here I learn alot from this forum.

    Its been 30 degrees here this weekend and no wind ,,Im dying here.

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    Have the basics been checked?
    Compression good, correct spark plugs installed, flame arrestor filter not clogged, exhaust hoses not soft or collapsed inside...

    Will it rev well above 3500 when on the trailer, out of the water?

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    seems to rev higher out of the water, but very rough -yes plugs are good first thing i did was try a new set and they are the right ones, Have not checked collapsed exhaust hose yet,flame arrestor is good.

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    Cylinder compression?

    Do you have another Genesis Ficht machine on hand to swap parts between?

    Is the TPS original?

    Before you swap EMM, try swapping the TPS, or installing a new TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).

    TPS electrical connector can cause problems, check, clean and tighten the metal pin sockets

    Ficht TPS versions, sources
    1999-2001 non-pigtail TPS, 2002-2004 pigtail TPS versions are not interchangeable

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