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    No fire on cylinder 2

    I have a 1998 XL1200. I recently rebuilt the engine and have been chasing an issue down with cylinder #2. I am not getting fire on that cylinder, but #1 and #3 are fine. I have changed the ignition wire and coil for #2 and have removed and cleaned the pulsars coils. I checked resistance on all wires and they all spec out fine according to the Yamaha service manual. The thing will run but will only go about 40 mph in current condition. I checked compression...the results were:
    #1: 150 psi
    #2: 180 psi
    #3: 150 psi

    I am getting fuel/oil to the cylinder but no spark. Any ideas?

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    had same problem. turned out to be pulser coil which picks up and sends signal to fire. you can check the resistance across all three and two should be very close one will like show very different value.

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    any luck yet on the resolve>

    those compression readings tend to show that #2 is "wet"

    post back

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    I put an oil stabalizer in the cyliders typically after I use the waverunner because I only get to use it about every 3 weeks...sometimes more.

    I will be back in Louisville this weekend. The part is on order from the dealer. When I pick it up, I'll install it and let you know what happens.

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