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Thread: FI cleaning

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    FI cleaning

    The new season has just started downunder and I am just about to hit the water again. I ve got the Genesis 2001 FICHT. I didnt winterised the ski (last used in april) but have strarted it couple of times over the winter (mild winters here).
    I am thinkig of using some kind of Fuel Injector claning fluid for the first ride. Any recomendations? How about adding the extra oil in the petrol tank to be on the safe side (friends ski needed the engine rebuilt due to oil pump cable broke). Any other tips.
    Thanx heaps.

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    Unless there is a problem with engine performance, you don't need to add any 'cleaners' to the fuel.

    Did you fill the tank and stabilize the fuel before winter?

    Make sure the battery is healthy (not just charged up), check all battery cable connections, check all fuel hoses and water hoses, and go through all the regular seasonal maintenance items.

    Check the bolts and fittings on the jet pump, lube anything that moves/slides, and so on.

    Remove and clean the mesh filter for the exhaust water injection.

    Fill the tank with premium octane fuel, as the old fuel loses some octane during storage.

    Ficht is a direct into the cylinder fuel injection system (which is quite different from a typical automotive fuel injector), so there is no value in adding oil to the fuel tank. The oil will never get anywhere near the crank case, and will not benefit the cylinder walls.

    Check the throttle cable slack, you want just a little slack, but the throttle plates should open to vertical at full throttle.

    Do check that the oil pump cable is not frayed, and is working smoothly.

    You can check the oil pump arm position (which is adjusted by the oil cable) by looking at the index marks on the oil pump. You will need a small mirror, as the marks are on the hub of the arm and the pump body. They should be aligned, or a little advanced (perhaps the width of the mark itself) in the direction of throttle opening.

    Use good quality 2-stroke oil (TC-W3 minimum), with synthetic oil being the best choice.

    Have a look here for some useful info;
    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines
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    Thanx K447, good work again.

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    Look for a fuel treatment called F10 .Supercheap I think does it or coventrys .That will keep it smick for you also keeps moisture out of the fuel system


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