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    96 SPX Wear ring

    Just took out my new to me 96 SPX and was very pleased. Ran great, seems to pull harder than my 95 XP. running next to a Regal Rush Jet boat with GPS i hit 56 with me and my wife and a full tank of fuel. Needless to say I was impressed. The only hitch on the whole day was later on if I tried to gun it from the hole shot it would rev up a little bit then catch. From What I have searched it sounds like the wear ring. What other pieces will I need to complete this project. Is it just the ring or is there a gasket or shim I need to get also? Another quick ?.... The SD manual says the 96 SPX has more pump horsepower than the 95 XP. The pumps look physically different. Is I just a more efficient pump design or was it a typo?

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    You'll need a new wear ring. I'd also replace my o'rings.

    Disassemble your venturi & impeller housing, take the impeller out, stick the impeller housing in the freezer for an hour along with your new wear ring - have a few beers.

    By placing it in the freezer you'll find taking the old wear ring out and installing the new one will slide in/ out easier.

    Inspect your needle bearing, thrust washer & impeller - assemble together, be sure to pour new oil inside your nose cone.

    Don't forget to apply some instant gasket when reinstalling your impeller housing & some loctite on your venturi when bolting it onto you impeller housing (remeber the o'rings).

    A new wear rings make a huge difference.

    Good luck.

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    If you have one on this model, check to see if the carbon ring on the pump shaft is adjusted correctly. Loosen the hose clamp at the rear and snug up the tension by collapsing the accordian boot slightly. It should be in the seadoo manual for the specs. If you do not have the carbon ring setup, then you may have another air leak in the pump causing the cavitation (slipping).

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