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    fuel system

    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum. I just bought a very clean polaris1999 SLTH 34 hrs one week ago. I was in the water (salt)yesterday and sometime the engine just stop. I had to restart with choke on. I observe the fuel lines are the original grey color.
    I think I will change them this weekend but any specific procedure to replace them? Do i have to clam anywhere so no fuel will run off??

    What about fuel filter and where it is? replace? How about procedure to remove 15 gallons fuel off the tank since it is in it for a year now.
    Any thing should i consider to improve the system, the engine is like brand new
    Thank you so much

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    Just go to your local auro parts store and get black fuel line and a bunch of clamps,

    Just replace one at a time,, no clamping needed just open the fuel cap first to remove any pressure that might be built up,, good idea to flush out the fuel valve as well,

    To remove the fuel just use a simple siphon with your jugs handy,,

    The fuel filters are INSIDE the carbs,, not a hard job just takes a little time but it is very important.

    I also run a inline fuel filter, do not forget to drain and clean out the water sperator,

    Good Luck

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    Welcome to the Hulk. I heard on here that the grey tempo fuel line fall apart inside. I run the clear blue fuel line myself. works great. Got it at the pwc store. Like he said. ONE at a time. save yourself all sorts of problems. I did the same thing, One at a

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    Thank you for the detail instruction. So the fuel filter is inside the carb? I have the service manual and could not figure it?

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