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    99 SLTH fuel system

    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum. I just bought a very clean polaris1999 SLTH 34 hrs one week ago. I was in the water (salt)yesterday and sometime the engine just stop. I had to restart with choke on. I observe the fuel lines are the original grey color.
    I think I will change them this weekend but any specific procedure to replace them? Do i have to clam anywhere so no fuel will run off??

    What about fuel filter and where it is? replace? How about procedure to remove 15 gallons fuel off the tank since it is in it for a year now.
    Any thing should i consider to improve the system, the engine is like brand new
    Thank you so much

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    Change all the fuel lines to new-from a marine supply store. Polaris skis have the best fuel filter/water separator of most models. Just make sure the ring in the separator is not floating and siphon out the old gas!

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    Thank you, I will try this weekend

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    the green gunkus

    problem is the green gunk from the lines ends up clogging the internal carb screens,it leans out and you burn up a motor.gotta pull the carbs and clean those screens,they are behind the jet blocks

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    How difficult is to remove the carb to get to the screen? Do i mess up the carb setting or any setting at all?

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