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    04 gtx sc running rough and sluggish?? Help??

    I took out my 04 gtx sc today and everything started up fine as usual. Then when I got out of the no wake zone, I accelerated hard and then the engine bogged down and wouldn't go faster than 20 mph.

    The engine would accelerate, then lose power, then accelerate again. Maybe bad gas?? I'm running premium but its WalMart's gas??

    Do I have water in my fuel maybe?? If so, can I run heet in my skii to absorb the water??

    Any other ideas?

    Please help!

    (72 hrs on skii, last tune up at 55 hrs)

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    We had a similar problem on both of our Doos last season, about 2 weeks apart. They had the same symptom. Changed gas. Changed plugs. We finally took one into the shop.A few $$ later-- and... It turned out to be the batteries on both. We replaced the batteries and we've been ridin' them like we stole them since.

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