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    2003 dodge dakota

    Hello all I have a 2003 SXT Black Dodge dakota 2 door 2 wheel drive for sale with a 3.9 6cylinder, I am the original owner of the truck, it has 130.000 on the truck.. The truck runs great and the reason why I am selling is it's time for a new Dakota.. Here is the list of after market add on's I have done to the truck..

    1. Tinted windows
    2. Kleen wheels that is a plate that goes behind the wheel to keep the brake dust off the wheels..
    3. bed and tailgate liner
    4. hard tonnaue fold up cover
    5. remote start
    6. I have a extra set of 4 American racing wheels polished aluminum going with the truck I had them on for 2 seasons right now there in need of polishing..
    7.Brand new headlight assemblys, bulbs and the whole assembly has been replaced..

    Things that have been fixed and replaced on this truck in the last 6 months by Chrysler dealer

    1.Ball joints universal joints on drive shaft
    3.front shocks
    4.front rotors and brakes
    5.water pump
    6.spark plugs
    7.surpenteen belt
    8.trans filter and fluid
    9, rear end fluid and seal
    There may be more but I cant think of them at the time, there is one catch and that is I cant sell it till my new truck comes in the first week of November.. I work 100 miles from home and that means 90% of the miles on this truck are highway miles.. I will be taking deposits from and interested party until my new truck comes in.. I want $3500.00 for this truck and I am firm on my price.. Contact info 810-434-4476 or [email protected] this truck is located in Michigan

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    Bump for a fellow Dakota owner.

    What did you end up getting? V8? SLT? 4wd?

    My 05 has been very good to me. No problems.

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    I am getting a 2007 lease turn in, 07 Dodge Dakota with 30.000 miles on it with a 3.7 4x4 4 door quad cab getting it at a steal, because the used car market has gone crazy lately so it 3000.00 less then what these trucks are going for.. Cya Slick

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    Nice Slick

    Bump up for you

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