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    Ultimate Sound System *Preview*

    This started off as a project to get a great sounding system without requiring any holes to be drilled into the hull.

    It has taken way longer then I expected but so far I think I am going to be very happy with the results.

    I was going to wait until it was finished but I am pretty much just waiting to get the "pods" back from paint right now.

    It is built around Alpine SPR-M700 7" 2-way Marine speakers.

    I started by removing the chrome fins in the front. That gave me access to 3 holes to use for mounting and speaker wire. Since I molded the pods to lay perfect on the hull when they are mounted up they're extremely solid.

    I have some pictures of the inital fabrication process but here is a few from a test fitting where I was still doing some shaping.

    After a little more work and making the other side:

    and from the front:

    Blurry shot from the rear:

    They are completely out of the way:

    Some of the internal work. I put in a second battery and a battery isolator. The new battery is also custom foam molded in and strapped in.

    And the Amp.. I am not sure this part is going to work out and may need to figure out another mounting scheme. I made some steel spreader plates to mount it on the foam so may work.

    I grabbed a couple of crappy phone pics of the pods after their first spray of color. They should look great

    They should be done with clear and polish tomorrow so once I get it all completed I will post the final pics.

    The system is also being driven off an ipod in the glovebox with a wireless waterproof remote I will probably blend into the glovebox cover over the winter.

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    Finally the completed pictures:

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    Cool Good job

    Looks like a really clean install, props. I do have to say it looks like it "could" get in the way of your legs. Just saying...

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    mbaseball3's Avatar
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    the rear pic is sweet!!! i see afterburners in your future

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    Nothin' better than Doo'in it! BigDaddyRXP's Avatar
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    Why not just buy a boat... and put a bad ass system in it I've never felt the need for a stereo on a ski... not to mention the charging system will not support it for very long

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    looks good.

    wheres the sub going to go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyRXP View Post
    Why not just buy a boat... and put a bad ass system in it I've never felt the need for a stereo on a ski... not to mention the charging system will not support it for very long

    $$$ really but I have access to a Mastercraft X-45 and a wakesetter pretty much all the time anyway so don't need to worry too much about it since they both also have HUGE systems in them..

    Charging system should be fine. The amp does not draw that much and it's isolated through the second battery anyway. The isolator controlls the charging too to make sure there is not too much of a draw, in addition to ensuring the main battery is always good to go.

    This is a fun project and will be nice for the days when I am just out cruising around on the river by myself or with a passanger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADSR View Post
    looks good.

    wheres the sub going to go?

    Thanks... I am hoping the 7"s do a good enough job.. not in a box they seem really strong so it might be enough..

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    Looks great! Would I be correct in guessing that the charging system will also charge the "back-up battery"?

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    Some more camera phone pics of them now with clear..

    They just need to be wet sanded and polished now. I should be able to get them on sometime before friday

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