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    Need help with gauges?

    On my 04 GTX SC the digital readout on the gauges in wrong. It show the speed as KH instead of MPH and the temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? Is there a way to change this?

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    Id be interested to know aswell. I was told that there was a procedure involving pressing buttons upon inserting DESS key, but didnt work last time I tried

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    It should tell you in the owners manual... if I can remember correctly, you hold down the "mode" button and put the lanyard on

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    its some sort of combination .
    i thinklug the key....HOLD the MODE button until the cluster flashes and press the set button until you get it where you want it,then let it stop flashing on its own to stay.

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    i have seen this happen before. the only thing that fixed it was taking it to the dealer and hooking it up to the BUDS software and manually changing it over. that was the only way they got it to change. just my .02

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