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    Whats the biggest base spsacer you can run on a 15f?

    Should I decide to go with the supercharger I need to know how tall of a base spacer I can run on the stock 15f motor, I can source longer bolts but I want to know if I can get a 5mm base spacer made so i can use the 250x pistons on my 15f motor? also could someone measure the 250x cylinder height for me?


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    You are going up the bulls ass to check its teeth.

    All you need is the Riva bracket kit. Riva ECU and a charger. You'll be fine from there. Going with 250 pistons is going to throw off any ECU you wanted to use. Unless you go Motec but then you don't have a plug in play system.

    MTC makes the piston kit which is going to cost you what 250 pistons are going to cost you to do it right. Secret info here. Use the stock base gasket, more power.

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