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    1998 gtx ltd clean hull with title, or numbers with title

    for sale make an offer. will ship... if YOU pay
    located in new orleans.
    *will NOT sell just numbers
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    Quote Originally Posted by fit4lyph View Post
    ill sell the numbers if thats all you need
    located in new orleans.
    thats not going to fly on this site homie. Just an FYI

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    selling the #'s? oh i don't know. the whole point is i dont want to ahve to deal with shipping a whole hull.

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    in most states, the transplantation of vin#'s is a felony. Shipping is only a couple of hundred.

    What's left in the hull?, and what shape is the title actually in?

    In New Mexico, out of state boats coming in have hull and engine numbers recorded after a NCIC check to see if they aren't smokin hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fit4lyph View Post
    selling the #'s? oh i don't know. the whole point is i dont want to ahve to deal with shipping a whole hull.
    Im just telling you what a moderator is going to say. Just giving you a heads up.
    You can do whatever you want privately- but you shouldnt advertise selling vin#s and titles.

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    oh this is my first ski, i'm learning alot of stuff real quick. also i would still have to find a way to get rid of the hull so i don't think i would do that anyway.

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    Exactly- you make them take the whole thing out of there even if they only want your paperwork. Sometimes there are legit reasons why you need paperwork for a ski, but more often than not, its theives who want paperwork to register or flip stolen skis.

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    Another heads up, use the edit feature to delete that part of your original post...

    EDIT: I guess you need a mod to take it out of the title.

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    I think only a mod can edit the title.

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