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    Oil pressure regualtor

    If someone was to crank the oil pressure regulator way beyond torq spec what exactly would it cause in the motor? Im new to the rotax platform and after a complete rebuild of a motor I put it in and it knocked like it did before i rebuilt the bottom end. I pulled it back out of the ski to find the regulator cranked to probably 30-35 ft pounds as opposed to 8.8 or 12nm. I saw Jerry in a post say if it was passed he oring it was too much.. It took 5-6 turns before I even saw the O-ring. Would this allow all the oil into the top end and not allow it to recirculate? Thanks for any insight you guys may have..


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    TJ, what will happen is it will crush the cage around the regulator piston and the piston will not move freely. It's going to be a pain in the ass with the engine in the hull but you will have to remove it and replace the piston and cage.

    I have been guilty of this mistake before myself

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