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    99 gp1200 problem ?

    ski ran great all day till till we were about 3 miles from our ramp to load up.all of a sudden it felt like something was jamed in my prop.when i hit the gas it whould rev into the rpm but felt like shit and dident get up to i idle to a close beach we tip it on its side and everything looked back in the water still did the same thing all the way down river till about a 1/4 mile away from ramp and then it cleared up and ran like a beast. what the hell happend?my brother had a 2001 gp1200 and said his did the same thing to him twice.and bolth times it whould clear up and be fine.any ideas?thanks

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    There could've been something in your pump that you couldn't see when you tipped the ski over to take a look. After awhile the debris eventually got freed up from the pump. Let us know if the problem happens again.

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    at least its not a big deal them.thanks

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    Might have been grass, which can wrap up in the impeller and you can't see it. Eventually it can work loose and you're fine. Did you look in the nozzle to see if the impeller was clear?

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