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    Need Premix HELP!!

    I just swithced to premix and I have a full gas tank (not mixed yet). What should I do? Drain tank and fill at gas station so I know how many gallons? I dont know what the tank hold there for I dont know how much oil to mix. I though about filling it all the way up and finding out how many gallons the tank is and adding oil. What do you guys think? Also should I be using a 32:1 mix? Its a 99 Xl 1200 LTD.

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    Get one of these Self-priming Safety Siphon Hose and put the gas into a 5 gallon jugs then put the gas in your vehicle. These work great. Get all of the gas out of the ski then start fresh. If you were to fill the tank all the way up you will not have room for the oil in the tank. A lot of people here are using the AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic Oil @ 40:1.

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    32:1 would be good for the first tank since I doubt you will be able to get all of the gas out of it.
    Like already said, once you get the old gas out, put it in you truck. Put your oil in some 5 gallon cans, then add 5 gallons of fuel to the can. Shake the can up a little to be sure it's mixed well then put it in your ski. Depending on how many cans you have, this may take a while. Once you have the first tank of fuel ran through the ski, you could start mixing to 40:1.

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    This has to be the 20th post this month on "how do I go premix?". Jerry, please fix the SEARCH BUTTON.

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