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Thread: Broken Screw

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    Broken Screw

    While cleaning my 1996 Seadoo HX I noticed the two front screws holding the intake grate were loose. While attempting to tighen one of the screws it snaped off. I can't grab the screw because it's flush with the hull. How do you get the broken screw out of the hull.

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    I read on the polaris post's for sponsons to take a dremel and cut a slot into the remains and then use a hand impact screwdriver to get it out, the claim is if you cut into the hull a little it is sealed up with silicone when you put the new hardware on..

    never tried it myself, always been a drill it and use an easy out, but the idea sounds good,

    Good Luck

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    don't screw around

    you'll just end up getting something in your eye. Drill out the bolt out first AND then the insert and get an insert repair kit, quick and simple and not expensive at all. Measure the insert repair bit before you dril teh second time and be sure not to go larger then then inside diameter of the threads.

    I just did one of these on a 97 gtx and it worked out well compared to my previous use of an easy out on a couple of other jobs.

    I hardly ever see a saltwater ski around here, but this gtx hit a rock and tore out the intake grate

    I've seen the kits on ebay for slightly inflated prices, but any shop that carries hot products line can get em for you.

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