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    SL 780 MFD zercom 3280252 Fried

    My MFD is fried. I took it apart from the How Tos but I see there is a surface mount diode burnt and cracked open. Does anybody have a schematic for one and a parts list? Once I fix mine, I'd be glad to fix others.

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    That is exactly what happened to mine. I recently purchased my SL780 last week. I suspect that somebody connected the battery backwards and fried the display. I think that is the only way you can burn up a diode of that size. Both of mine diodes are shorted and the middle capacitor is bulged. That also tells me the power was reversed on the electrolytic capactitor, it got hot and bulged the case.

    No schematics? I'll suck out those components and see what I see. I hope I can fix it. I get the fuel gauge and two partial numbers when I hit the mode button so it is not totally dead.

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    If you can put together a schematic of at least the power input section of these MFD, that would be rather useful.

    Any parts values you can nail down would also be helpful.

    I sketched out a partial diagram when working on another burned out unit, but in my case it was too far gone, and is quite dead, with a number of the parts completely blackened.

    Even reverse battery polarity isn't supposed to blow these units. from what I can tell. I suspect that in addition to the reversed battery, the MFD fuse was replaced with a higher rated fuse, allowing excessive reverse current to flow.

    The correct fuse size is 1/4 Amp (250ma).

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    nope, no schematics, sry
    mine was totaly dead

    also if you fix it don't forget to add the fuse if it's missing now

    good luck and let us know how you fixed it


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