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Thread: Is it fixed?

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    Is it fixed?

    I have maybe a stupid question?
    I replaced 3 pistons and replated a cylinder because my circlips came out of #3 and tore up the cylinder. The cylinder looked very dry.

    How do I know that the problem is fixed? It's running a little rough although I haven't had it on the lake yet.

    Compression test is 125 in all 3 cylinders.

    If the cylinder wasn't getting enough gas/oil would I still have the same compression?

    Thanks....I'm still learning about these things.

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    my 3rd cylinder blew due to oil line falling off. I replace cylinder/piston, and converted to premix. I have 4-5 hrs after rebuild and all is good.I have same compression numbers as you. put it in the water and run it, thats the ultimate test. I was told to put some oil in the gas if your not premixing, but if you are 32:1 is what i am using.
    I'm new to this too, but getting hooked.

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