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    Texas Supercourse Endurance Nationals Helmet Cam Footage

    Alright here is my helmet cam footage from round one of pro-open on saturday (9-12-09) of the Supercourse Endurance Nationals in Lake Dallas, Tx. My camera on day two was at a bad angle and basically just filmed straight down the whole time so I'm not gonna bother putting it up.

    Ok so here are the minute to watch for..I may add more as I watch the video and catch more interesting stuff...until then here are some interesting moments....

    First 10 minutes - Pretty hectic because my start wasn't the best so once again I'm making up ground. At this point I believe the order is Kurt Divine in first, Mike Younts in second, peter Giliam in Third, and myself in forth. By the time we come across the start-finish for the first time the order is Kurt, Mike, Me.

    22:00 - After 20+ minutes of trailing behind Michael and Kurt, I get caught in lap traffic and pushed inside a buoy while trying to keep my line inside of Rusty Wilson. If you pay attention you can see that I have the handlebars cranked all the way to the left and I still get pushed right to the inside of the buoy.

    24:00 - at this point I catch back up to the boat that I got pushed inside while trying to pass. he's not easy to get around. Its obvious he's a closed course racer...he was hugging those buoys close!

    25:30-26:30 - So over the last 10 minutes or so I have become completely blind because my goggles are so fogged. Witness the struggle of trying to wipe them/air them out while still trying to control a 300+ hp open boat.

    38:00 - By this time I believe kurt and mike had broke down, and Curtis Reinburg had made up ground from his bad start and was hot on my heels. So I'm in first and Curtis is in second right behind me. We come up on a string of like 5 lap boats and make some tight passing. This is a cool part of the video.

    49:00 - at this point I start looking around to see where Curtis is, but I can't find him. I slow down and start looking more thinking maybe he broke down or got tossed. Turns out he was right on my outside where I couldn't see. When I finally do catch a glimpse of him he's RIGHT BESIDE ME. I gun it and keep my position.

    54:45 - By this time my water-in on my supercharger had popped off and was dumping water in the engine compartment and my boat has laid down from ingesting water at least 5 times. At this point we are coming into a turn and my boat lays down, giving Curtis the opportunity to make the pass, and he does (in the last lap mind you).

    56:00 - Ski bogs the worst yet and I just idle across the checkered flag.


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    How is your cam secured? HD velcro?

    What happens If you go flying off into the water? Is it going to come off? Reason im asking is cuz my gpr likes to shift directions while in the air making it hard to hold on when I hit the water

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    Dave - check out

    you will find all the info you need.

    the camera mounts are attached with the most hardcore double sided 3m mounting tape i've ever seen. they are almost impossible to remove.

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    You can detect when the boat ingests some water at the yellow bouy right before the left turn where Curtis dove in on you. That was a nice move to keep from hitting him.

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    Bitchen Vid Tyler!

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    Here is what you missed behind you Tyler between me and Peter..dude we battled for almost 18 mins after I caufht him then tried one pass and got BLOCKED then tried another a little after that and said NO WAY..ITS MINE!! Pretty cool vids Tyler! Check these out!



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    that second video is badass. some great battling going on...good job on taking advantage on that turn.

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    wow great video Tyler!!

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    Yeah the last one ismy Favorite..Pretty sweet! Good Job Tyler!

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    thanks for the kind words guys.

    for those of you that are watching my videos...would you guys rather me chop the race into small sections...say the sections i break it down into on my commentary, or do you like having the whole race as one video? if you guys would rather me chop them up into separate shorter clips i'll take that into consideration next time.

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