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    SeaSpecs JetSpecs

    Looking at something besides just my oakley's to wear when on the water. 1) have a fear of loosing them 2) they do a terrible job of keeping the wind out of my eyes causing them to water and what not.

    does anyone own a pair/use them? They're running a 3 for 2 special right now. They don't look bad either.

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    here yo go:

    there's a whole bunch of eyewear options for you

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    I've got the sea specs! Me and my girl both love them! I've lost way too many pair of sunglasses over the past few months. The sea specs are worth the money!!

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    i use panoptx from 7eye and they really are the best, also have a pair of oakleys, but only when i get on the beach

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    I have a pair of seaspec and they do a bad job of keeping the water out of my eyes I ride in rough waters.. In flat water they are great. I just order a pair of oakley goggles for jetsking..

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    I currently wear Seaspecs. They stay on and fit comfortably. They don't do a great job of keeping the big waves outta my eyes tho, but I haven't lost my contacts yet with them. The gray lenses work the best on the water.

    The 3 for 2 special has been on for quite some time. Thinking of getting some more as spares. Good value.

    I've also tried Wiley X (used mostly for motorbikes), but they don't fit me well and I've had them knocked off AND had my contact lenses sucked outta my eyes. I find they sit too tight inside the eye socket and I end up with a headache. Not good.

    I used to have prescription riding glasses that strapped on. Lots of money. Now sitting at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

    Let us know what you end up getting.

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