hey guys, long time watcher first time poster.

looking for a little friendly help,
i have been working on ski's for a number of years and have always owned 2 or 3 i started off with seadoo 94 gti went to a 97 xp, 98 xpl so have had 3 of them and a twin rotax jet boat. moved onto kawasaki and have had a 650sx 750 zxi and now have a ultra 150,(all i got not running for one reason or another so have been cheap) for all of theise i have been able to find a manual for in less than 10 min of looking.

now to the problem.
i just picked up a 1996 hurracane 700cc (my first polaris) it has a nice hole in the side of the barrel! lol i have ordered a new barrel and piston. now how the hell do you get the head off? i have undone the bolts and even tapped the head and either is is corrodes/welded in flace by the failure or im missing something?
the second thing is i need the specs for torques, crank and conrod alignment, play and little end ovality. (this is where a manual would come in handy).
thanks guys any possative feedback or info is appreciated.
cheers Wilber