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    2006 RXP review?

    Hey guys, I must say I am a Yamaha owner, but looking to pick up a second ski. What do you guys think about a 2006 RXP, excellent condition. What if any problems should i look at before a purchase.

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    The first thing that you need to find out about is the Supercharger Washers. Mainly if they failed and if they have been changed

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    What areyou thinking about paying for it? I personally think 06 was one of seadoo's better years, but do change the sc washers.

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    My 06 RXP was noticeably faster than my 04 RXP. Definitely find out if it has had a SC washer failure. If so, prob not worth looking at that one. My GF just got a 23 hour 06 RXT and we immediately had the Riva washers installed and its running great.

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    With the washers updated,you have a fast and reliable ski.

    Ask the previous owner for this update,be sure this is done.

    At 100 hrs a rebuilt must be done,depending on the hrs you can do a rebuilt.

    The parts are $ 298 ,steel washers included.

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