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    Clearing the jet drive

    One of the river systems we boat in is a working river with lots of log booms. There is often bits of wood in the water. Spring is much worse than summer/fall, we avoid the spring.

    But, we often still get something fouling the jet drive. I have a SS wear ring so although this has happened twice we have not lost performance yet. However, the last time this happened we were about 15 km out from home base and faced with a 6km/h long journey home.

    I've read a number of places about stopping the boat to let the junk drop out. It has always been my thought that with this razor sharp prop in a high tolerance sleeve that any bit of wood ingested would really lodge in there and not just drop out.

    So, when our jet was fouled I tried this briefly with Forward/reverse drift- nothing helped. Then we just limped home, running about 45 min at 3000 rpm with the jet drive fouled at 6 km/h. We stopped to solicit a tow (sunset approaching) and upon restart the jet drive was cleared. I was very surprised how this happened according to much of what I've read. I really believed the little nick of wood would be really stuck in there.

    These ordeals have lead me to feel less than ideal about taking a single engine seadoo in the rivers around me. Do you think it was just a fluke that my jet drive cleared this way, or does it really happen like that all the time?

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    Ive experienced just about every kind of clog etc but never hard wood. Usually it will clear itself, but lately with this boat I have the ICS system and the grate actually closes too far and lets debris in then it is stuck in the end of the grate. Jets just dont like debris in the water.


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    for just debris,try this......get the boat going in reverse motion,then kill the motors and quickly throw the throttles into opens the reverse gates and "backflushes" the pump great for seagrass,ect......

    yami's have a "clean out plug" feature....not sure what you Doo guys have....

    if a piece of wood is literally stuck on your prop,then you're screwed i guess though.

    jets clogging are a pain in the ass w/jetboats(that and low speed

    good luck!!

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    Wood chip

    I was on False River, near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last year about a week after hurricane Gustav came through. After a pleasant afternoon, I was running at near idle speed about 100 yards from the ramp on my way back. Suddenly, I started getting a lot of vibration and knew I had sucked something up. The stop and drop procedure didn't work. I could idle, but any extra rpms vibrated badly. I pulled the boat out and looked in the intake but could see nothing. I put the boat back in and still had the same problem. After I got it home, I got a flashlight and saw a tiny chip of wood the size of my thumbnail wedged between the impeller and wear ring. When the impeller rotated, it just skated around. I got a .22 caliber ramrod and a hammer and tapped the chip out. Strangely, it didn't seem to do any damage. The wear ring didn't seem to be badly worn.

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