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    4" Fizzle Vs Riva 3"

    I have done a bit of testing on this and was holding off until I got a little more time on my ski before posting.

    My mods are in my sig I ran the 3" Riva with the front snorkle attached the "triangle" shaped plastic piece that feeds air in under the seat. Only this section until the 90* I had also hole sawed multiple holes in this to let more air into the hull. I only kept the front section stock incase of water ingestion.

    With that triangle piece in our out the ski would always pull 7850 with the riva intake.

    Now switching to the 4" intake with the triangle piece in I would pull 7900 until my ski heat soaked bad after 4-5 passes then it would run 7850.

    I removed that triangle piece and stuck my fizzle air filter through the hole, if you leave the rubber gasket on there it acutally squeezes it tightly and holds the filter perfect. I have the filter sticking through about 1"

    My ski will turn 7950 for about 5-6 passes now before dropping and holding 7900 rpm now.

    So all in all I would say its good for close to 100 pm over the riva.

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    + 1 on that jaime the fizzle is def the way to go

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