R5WaterXRacing Press Release 09/15/09

R5WaterXRacing, LLC is excited to announce that we have elected to go in a different direction in 2010. R5WaterXRacing, LLC will become an Independent Promoter while remaining sanctioned by the IJSBA..

This move has been very carefully thought out and discussed with our regional racers and beyond and we at R5WX feel that this a step in the right direction with what we are looking to accomplish which is quality payouts, race venues as well as race staff.

While this decision is strictly a business decision we cannot take anything away from what Patrick Mell has taught us and helped us out with in the past 2 yrs. For that we are VERY grateful. Thank you Patrick Mell and The APBA!

For those wondering how this will affect R5 Racing please be sure and tune in tonight at 7pm CST on www.liquidspeedradio.com but in short there will be minimal effects to R5 Racing, I can tell you that it will all be good changes and WILL benefit each and every racer for the years to come with lower membership fees and higher payouts in R5 Racing.

We would like to thank everyone that has attended an R5 Event in the past 2 yrs and look forward to racing with you in 2010 and if you havent raced with us yet..well you dont know what you have been missing just ask those that have been to one of our races!

Please look for our race schedule to be posted within the next 24 hrs on www.r5waterxracing.com and www.ijsba.com and payout structures for each round to follow soon. Our race schedule WILL include an IJSBA National Tour Stop for 2010!!

Thank you,

Brian Smith
Jennifer Jeter