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    WTB: Longer throttle cable and driveshaft coupler

    need a longer throttle cable for my 93 750 going with 780 i need a longer choke cable too? driveshaft leaks into the hull pretty bad assuming need that coupler with the two seals? thanks!

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    Take a look on John Ziglers web site and see what he has.

    Have you tried greasing the thru hull bearing? They need to be greased regularly.

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    The seals in the through-hull assembly can be replaced, as long as it is not the crimped version.

    There are different versions of the through-hull bearing
    Early units with crimped ends can not be repaired, but they can be directly replaced with the newer style assembly (1996-2004, except MSX)
    Click here for a list of parts sources

    The seals tend to wear more than the brass bushing, so you may not need to change the bushing, unless it is worn.
    Replacement seals can be purchased from any Polaris OEM parts source, or generic seals may be installed.

    Generic Drive Shaft Seal carrier seal part# 8702 (Two required, or three?) SKF Rawhide 8702
    Shaft 0.875
    Bore 1.499
    OD 1.503
    Width 0.25

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    K447, I guess you type quicker than me.

    Try to find the newer style drive shaft seal housing (96+ I think). It has seals that you can replace. The older style ones are not serviceable.
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