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    1999 GSX Limited parting out

    1999 gsx limited complete ski parting out ski is in perfect condition,everything is in great shape shoot me a pm and let know what you need

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    I need the small hood that goes over the glove compartment the one that has the sticker gsx ltd on it email at [email protected] if you still have it Thanks

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    I am buying my first jet ski. I have NO experience with jet skis. Im looking at a 99 GSX Limited. Do any of you guys have experience on how they handle with a passenger? Does it get really tippy? Should I be looking at a 3 seater? Thanks for any feedback.

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    i need the lower half of the forward compartement cover if it is black please reply to [email protected] tks

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    Is the motor any good?

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    Looking for a whole pump? I think gxs and gtx limited have the same pump. Let me know. PM me!

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    Need a rear seat for 99 gtx ltd prefeer maroon or white if ya got it

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    hey I need the whole hood with or without gauges hinge and all! let me know!
    also need impellar and shaft and possibly a wear ring if in good shape

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    I have a gsx limited and it goes like snot they are a little tippy but I have no problems with 2 plp, they are all tippy when not moving but the 3 seaters are def more stable, but the hull comes to more of a point than most pwc which makes for optimal handling the hull cuts like a knife a lot of ppl who race seadoos preffer the gsx and they have lots of performance parts lol ive had mine up to 126 km.

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    one of my customers need a pump. call me at 603-630-5408. thank you

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