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    msx 150 popping out of the throttle body

    Hi i'm new to the msx and i hope someone with experince on this machine can help. I bought a 2004 msx 150 with 17hrs on it not running. the previous owner had it out in august and said it was running fine then all the sudden shut down and he couldent restart. He didn't want to spend the time or money to fix so he sold it to me cheap. I got it home did some poking around and saw that the fuel pump fuse was blown and the voltage regulator fuse was blown. i checked both for shorts and the regulator was bad so i replaced it. now all seems to be good and the msx runs but popps out of the throttle body and stalls out but will restart and then the same problem popps and stalls. I did a compression test and i have 150psi on both cylinders so I am assuming its a sensor problem but I dont know witch one to start with. Please help I realy don't want to put a machine with 17hrs out to pasture if I don't have to. thanks
    P.S. the only dealer around me that i could find that worked on theese was Atlantic Power Sports and I was told they went out of business some time ago.

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    Jay used to work at Atlantic Powersports.

    You can send him a Private Message (4strokepolaristech)

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    With 150 PSI compression,I doubt you have any internal problems with the valves,cam and such. So I'm thinking you are on the right track with it being electrical or still possibly a fuel issue. Jay's your man. It's great if your near him. He's doing his own thing,working in his own shop.So PM him and he'll get you square.

    Sounds like you will have a nice low hour ski that should give you alot of good years of riding.Start reading in the Polaris MSX/MATRIX section. You'll pick up alot of info and become more knowledgable about your ski.

    Welcome to the HULK,and the Polaris family. Stay active on here,Next year sounds like there will be a big Polaris get together in your area.

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    thanks for the response i will send jay a pm now.

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    Thanks for the plug K447 and Dan!!!!but.....sorry i do NOT work on any polaris watercraft units at this time.....I only take engines/turbo's/cranks etc........I do not have the room nor the time...Maybe later when I get more room....

    If you want I can put you in touch with a few people but you are going to have to drive....


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    i will take whatever help i can get thanks. if i can't figure out the one thats apart would you be intrested in it for parts from what im told the motor and turbo are good.

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    I had this poblem once and the fix was to get the ECU relfashed (Deperado can do this) Maybe a spike from the faulty regulator caused the issue. This would be my first check before you waste a lot of time looking in other areas. my .02c worth .

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