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    Question Oil Filter Replacement - System Bleed Required?

    I have a 95 GTX and am going through it from top to bottom. I have already got some advice on the oil in the pump (thanks again guys) but now I am going to replace the oil filter. Is there a proper procedure to replace the oil filter without trapping air in the lines?

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    oil system bleed

    I replaced my smaller lines from my oil pump to rotory valve and used a hypodermic sucker from the vet that I had to use to give my dog medicine before. worked good to prime up those little lines without being messy or using my own man power suction and risking a mouth full of mineral oil . not sure where else to get one

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    when replacing just the filter if the machine is going to set before you use it,, Like over night, usually the filter will fill back up and bubbles rise up the line back to the tank,

    Just give it a visual before using it

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    They will usually gravity bleed over night on a filter change.

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