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    how good is the fzr in surf?

    Iím new to this forum but I was looking at fzr but I was wondering how well it rode in the ocean from what I have heard itís more of a smooth water ski. I live south Florida and would be doing a lot of riding at sea, I also read that the ski was fast but thatís all it has to offer?? dose the fzr have an issues or problems?? How good dose it performs in open waters?? If you guy that own one could help me out it would be much appreciated.

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    the fzr is very good in the big stuff with the right mod's and tweaks we see them run with the Ultras which is known to be the king of offshore. in stock form not as good as the ultra because its out weight by 200+ lbs and doesn't hav the deep v hull like the ultra. the fz's are prob going to be the closes thing to the all around ski modded correctly imo (this just doesnt mean sticking on an after market intake grate and ride plate, but also tweaking/modding them is the key ) because they where made to run the bouys from the start so you will just need a little work to perform in top form offshore

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