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    VTS: Retrofit To Speedster 150 - Possible?

    Hi all... long time reader, first time poster. I have a 2008 Speedster 150 with the S/C 215 engine. Using this boat in lakes is a pure pleasure. In the ocean, it's somewhat less desireable in terms of how the boat performs. It really crashes over waves and would benefit a bunch from the VTS system that the jetski's come with. I already looked into a trim-tab system, unfortunately with the design of the rear of the boat, there is no way to get these to work.

    Has anyone ever retro-fitted the VTS from a ski to a Speedster?

    Is there any reason that this system would not be compatible with the boat? I've owned a ski and a boat... all seems exactly the same... I would think you could buy the parts, mount them, and make it work.

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    Retro fitted trim

    I believe that you can. Some of the earlier 2 stroke 14.5s had trim. 96-97
    challengers. The pump hardware was the same as the ski, it was actuated by a lever instead of the ski electric motor.

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