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    msx 140 pump impeller removal

    I would appreciate any help...I have a 2003 msx140 with only 29 hours bought not running......not sure if the impeller is stuck or engine issues.....I am trying to remove the impeller/pump. I have all of the hardware loose and the ride plate off but it seems to be cemented to the hull (silicone)???? not sure what to do from here? Any help would be appreciated. Does anyone have a tech manual to share? cant seem to find what i am looking for with any specifics on the searches.......


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    Have you removed the four LONG bolts (not nuts), that hold the pump together?

    If the bolts have been removed (and no nuts have been loosened), then use a long 2x4 inserted deeply alongside the pump tunnel, to gently pry the pump body left-right.

    Don't push it a long way sideways, just enough to get some motion back and forth. It will let go, eventually

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    That did the job....unfortunately something in the motor is seized...another project for another day...thanks for the help. I will probably need more assistance as I decide which direction to go with this project. A shame since it only has 23 hours (was wrong before at 29) and is in very good condition, however it appears to have some corrosion from saltwater usage.

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